She was zapped out on speed
on the corner of the street she
was messed up inside with a need
to believe in something other than her
lover and the way she was perceived
and the big red sun and the zig-zag sky

hey hey hey hey hey hey
I need a ........shot

I need a shot in the arm
she needs a reason why
and I'm still searching
for a cure ..shes a walking out the door
its a bad time to start when you cant take no more
its a bad time to start..when you cant take...
I cant take it!
I cut myself just to see some blood
get washed away in the midnight rain
i went down deep below the lines
to lose the stench the awful stain
of being born into a world of a pain
of being torn into a world of pain
and i'm a believer now
I'm a believer now
because theres a ......
....... a big red sun in a zigzag sky
dont believe the things you see
through other peoples eyes(no no no)
You got to feel it if you wanna believe it...
I need a............shot!
just one more....shot
give me one more...shot
give it to me
Hit me!