Wake up dear I got the junk
its crystal clear, not funky stuff
its big and bold ,its sharp and clean
do you want some more before i leave
your fingerprintz beneath the door
the paperwork the things you need
are different each time I call
they're different each time I call.

You got to wake up you got the find the junk
you got to wake when theres not enough
you got wake up you got wake up
you got wake up.... while your feeling tough

I love the way you lose control
your dress hitched up around your waist
your legs reach out across the floor
eyes shift and shine like rattlesnakes
your lips are cold the words start small
they slip out "can i have some more"
your fingerprintz the things I need
are different each time i call
You take this map to find the key
X marks the spot each clue you need
is in your arms is in your head
is in the dark where lovers feed
on luck and sweat and hold me tight
on never leave me kiss goodnight
on turning tricks on candy sticks
on dirty talk and dynamite
you got wake up........