So who really knows why we scream at the night
and kick at the sunset in the ache of delight
why we piss in the sink of our only escape
as we fall from the peaks of the mountains we awake

I wanna take you down to a place i know
where the moon makes shadows in the undertow
where the dogs tell you stories as they lick at your bones
where the sound of your blood is a rock drum roll..
She had a ruby red head back down to the ledge ............ .....
Where the crows pick the bones from the skeleton bread
He was a mix of a man fed on cold chicken legs
And his eyes were the colour of the place that they met

loves gonna shake you
loves gonna break you
loves gonna take you...down
or loves gonna make you ....stick around

They fell down together on the cold metal bed
they held on for heaven and they searched fore some sense
in the crack of the morning in the damp pit of night
where the heat from their bodies kept the sparks burning bright.....................

I wanna take you down to a place i know
Where the moon makes you crazy and the dark rivers flow.
.to the cold metal bed where the hope still survives,.,.....
where the heat from our bodies keep the sparks burning bright

WHere the heart pumping blood helps the hope to survive
takes us up to the top steals our breath as we dive
from the cold metal bed to the rest of our lives
hold this ring to my heart till' the day that i die.