Captains Gardening Tips

Part 1. Protection

It is important when heading out into the wilds to be suitably protected at all times.A sturdy Hat is always useful ,also denim really comes into its own.Some form of eye protection is recomended as wild beasts often look to the eyes for signs of fear. A steely glare is sufficient if no other protection is available. Weapons are rarely needed, although a sharp stick should never be sneered at.
The Garden is a hot bed of seething animal fury. But paradoxically your enemies are often your friends. Slugs are particularly nasty, do not be feeling sorry for slugs,they know the rules.If any slugs make moves on your produce it is perfectly reasonable to forcibly re-locate them(to someone elses garden is a possibility, although this may come back on you in later years in the form of "bad karma".) Sparrows/magpies/+ most birds should be allowed a fair amount of slack.Unlike Slugs these critters can fly ,which is quite impressive.So let them have a nibble now and then. Spiders .I'm quite scared of spiders so ....I'm not saying anything about them, except if you come up against one face to face...size does matter! Cats can go either way,but remember Lions are a bit like cats,but much bigger.Also some cats can pee radioactive waste! and again paradoxically some cats can be very friendly and quite informative at times.Treat each upon its own merit.But always remain open to the fact that cats eat birds for breakfast ,which means theyre quite clever, even though they havent learnt to fly yet.

...More soon!